About Recruit Ready

  Who We Are

Recruit Ready is...

A team of experienced speed and position specific football coaches who train and mentor the next generation of football players. With the top players in the province we strive to create the most complete and competitive football practice environment. To be the best you have to beat the best. Recruit Ready has established a foundation that will provide this opportunity for you.

  What We Do

Recruit Ready can...

RR can help take your game to the next level. Our speed and football model help develop you into the type of person and football player coaches at the next level recruit. We then help you get the exposure you deserve through our Midwest Showcase combine, 7 on 7 tournament series, NCAA camps and extensive and growing data base of CFL, NCAA, CIS and CJFL scouts and coaches.

  Whom We Want

Recruit Ready wants...

Young hungry football players at the community, high school and collegiate level that are ready to take there game to the next level through hard work and deliberate practice. We demand that our athletes respect themselves on and off the field, take pride in nutrition, and self maintenance to ensure maximum effort and peak performance at all times.